History Of McNaught Home Improvements Inc.

Showroom 1McNaught Home Improvements Inc. was started by Dave’s father in 1971. Dave was always around helping as he grew up. It was just natural that Dave would take over the family business as he got old enough.

We chose to keep the business small, as well as restricting our offerings. When we took over the reins, McNaught “did everything at the time”. Dave decided to restrict his work to windows and doors. You can only have so many irons in the fire before the quality begins to suffer.

Coming from a background of civil engineering and technology, Dave got his experience in a variety of ways. He is a certified carpenter and has worked as a draftsman. Dave works with his wife Lisa. They share the workload of running McNaught. Lisa has never hesitated in getting her hands dirty. She now runs the showroom, office and does sales.

After years of hard work, Lisa sees a difference. “Our biggest challenge was building a recognizable name. Now most of our business comes from referrals and repeats.” The hardest thing for them was the initial commitment according to Dave, “The leap of faith was the hardest thing. We both quit our jobs and leaped in with both feet.”

Since beginning to work for themselves, this enterprising couple don’t think they could ever go back. “Dave’s converted now. We would’t be as happy working for someone else.”

Not surprisingly, they are big Brantford boosters and include that in their business philosophy, “We do as much purchasing as we can locally. Even if there may be a better price elsewhere, we still shop here.”

If you would like the services of McNaught Home Improvements Inc. call 519-758-8721 or email us at mcnaught@rogers.com.

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